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Restore Your Tennis Court to Its Original Condition

It's almost a fact of life: everything that has been manufactured will eventually deteriorate and either need replacement or restoration. The same principle holds true for tennis courts. Over time, they can develop cracks and discoloration from the weather. Which is why proper maintenance of your court is necessary. Our experienced professionals at Lawson Courts are ready to restore your Sports Court to its original finish. We offer custom solutions  to get your tennis court playing and looking as good as new again:

Purple Court

Cushioned Coating Systems Process Phase

Some players opt for a Cushioned Court.   This Cushioned Coating system aids in absorbing shock and decreasing strain on the body. The main procedure is to add extra layers of rubber particles. The best system  calls for five layers of rubberized particles to be installed after the repair work is finished. When this process is finished, the court will look like one with the traditional hard surface, but playing on it will feel softer;  easier on the body.

Our trained experts will go the extra mile in order to ensure your court looks fresh and plays great . Trust our professionals at Lawson Courts for all your tennis court repair and resurfacing needs.

Repair Phase

We examine your court for existing cracks.  With non-shrink leveling material, we bring the low spots up to within the USTA (United States Tennis Association) tolerance guidelines. Cracks wider than a hairline are cleaned out and filled with special crack patch material, then covered with fiberglass membrane material. A transition coat of acrylic resurfacer is applied over all patches and fiberglass.


After all patching and leveling is complete, we install an all new playing surface.  This consists of one coat of black resurface, leveling course material and fortified acrylic paint.  Many colors are available to choose from. Depending on your particular needs, we can refurbish net posts and fence posts or provide new posts. We also offer new nets and many accessories.

Cushion Coating

Crack Repair and Painting

Weather can take its toll on your court in the form of cracks, faded lines, and paint.   We can refurbish your fence posts and install new hardware.  

Crack repair and repainting as needed will prevent structural damage and keep your court looking and playing great.  Cracks should be addressed on an annual basis; this helps keep your court safe.

Add a Pickleball Court

With the increase of pickleball popularity, you may want to add a pickleball court to your existing tennis court.

The picture shows a single pickleball court that allows you to use your tennis net. Multiple pickleball courts can be added, in which case you can use portable pickleball nets.

Crack Repair

We Offer Court Accessories

For your convenience, we offer new Tennis Nets, Pickleball Nets, Portable Pickleball Nets,  Basketball Goal Systems,  Windscreen and more.  Let Lawson Courts be your one stop shop for all your playing court needs.

Tennis Court with Pickleball Net accesssories