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Restore Your Tennis Court to Its Original Condition

It's almost a fact of life: everything that has been manufactured will eventually deteriorate and either need replacement or restoration. The same principle holds true for tennis courts. Over time, they can develop cracks and discoloration from the weather. This is why proper maintenance of your court is necessary. The experienced professionals at LAWSON COURTS are an asset to you when the time comes to have your court restored to its original finish. Our professionals follow a three-part process in order to get your tennis court looking as good as new again:

Resurfaced Court

Repair Phase

The first step in restoring any old court is to engage in a comprehensive repair process. The first step in this process is to treat any structural cracking with a concrete compound and a crack repair system. Methods to improve playability are also instilled, including a smoothing of low spots and depressions with cement skim coats. Depending on the overall condition of the court, other repairs, such as perimeter corrections and removal of delaminated material and high spot removal, are considered as well.

Surfacing Phase

The next step is to apply a resurfacing method to the court. To start with, a multilayer paint system is applied that will seal the voids in the asphalt. Coating systems are also applied in order to help playability and improve the color scheme as well.

Cushioned Coating Systems Process Phase

Although this is not a requirement, some opt for a cushioned coating system, which aids in absorbing shock and increasing the strain on a player's body. The main procedure is to add extra layers of rubber particles. The best system usually calls for five layers of rubberized particles to be installed after the repair work is finished. When this final process is finished, the court will look like one with the traditional hard surface, but will feel easier on the body.

It is important to remember this final step is entirely optional and no pressure will be placed upon you by any member of our staff. LAWSON COURTS strives to repair and replace any tennis court with the utmost of professionalism. Our trained contractors will go the extra mile in order to ensure your court looks great again. We even have yearly maintenance options in place to help you after the work has been done. Trust the professionals at LAWSON COURTS for all your tennis court resurfacing and repair needs.

Purple Resurfacing

Crack Repair and Painting

Weather can take its toll on your court in the form of cracks, faded lines, and paint. Annual crack repair and occasional repainting will prevent structural damage and keep your court looking as good as new. Cracks should be addressed on an annual basis; this helps keep your court safe.

Color Coating

We can also help your court maintain its texture and color by providing a color coating every two to three years. This will extend the life of your hard tennis court and keep it looking great. We will also lay the fencing and markings, and install new windscreens and nets if necessary.

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